Mar 11, 2009

My favorate store

When i go tot the guanqian street, I most like strolling Kappa store. Perhaps likes not having the reason, but if thought carefully, actually I may discover several spots.
First, I like this store's clothes. The unforgettable advertisement language “He who loves me follows me”, enables Kappa the brand image unceasingly to promote. But the Kappa brand has entered the Chinese market since 2002, it “movement, fashion, sex appeal, personal status” the brand locates the marketing campaign which as well as complements each other, also causes the Kappa brand to receive a fashion race more and more favor.
On the other hand. I like this shop the decoration. By the blue color tone, for the human by the tranquil feeling, lets the human primarily, in window-shops makes noise feels comfortable. Moreover the blue color is also the color which I most like. So I did not have the reason not to stroll KAPPA.
After my introduction, I believed that you will also go to stroll KAPPA, perhaps next one who will like the store is you!  

Feb 19, 2009

Where amazing happenes ?!

T-MAC time's precise date was on December 10, 2004, finally 33.5 seconds chopped the next 13 points (a 4 three-pointer/Canada penalty kick), led the team to throw off the powerful enemy spurs in final time big dumping tray, become in the so short time so massive hot streaks the miracle not to be excessive. Yao Ming on the scene comments after the game: Such competition trades others to hit 200 years, T-MAC comes 50 year.

Boboweiqi: You helplessly look that he holds your pit of the stomach the knife, but you radically regarding this helpless.
T-mac: Leaves the stage ahead of time the audience, you have missed a great competition.
“The reason that we can first feel him are in this world of a reason greatest players,” the rocket guard sura said: “he has pulled unexpectedly us from such hopeless situation, is really mysterious, incredible.” Bao En also indicated: “has been too wild, looks that the wheat peduncle such feeds in the ball the ringhoop is really the marvelous feeling, after he hit 1-2, us to start to think that `we whether could pursue the score the near-point? 'perhaps at that time each people were such think: `we can let the competition at least seem not that ugly. 'but Mai Di has the different idea, he wants to win the victory for us, this is really mysterious.” Boboweiqi replies shamefully and angrily: “how do I know why can like this?! Mai Di the hand has been too very hot, he is an outstanding fellow, wants to let the competition result turn this, they must achieve very many matters only then the line (they unexpectedly to achieve). We have many bad performance frequently finally, but Mai Di the performance truly is also great.” Mai Di recalls after the game said: “friend, to be honest I before also really has not tried this kind of matter, how did I at that time think? What I thought is `do not give up, I only need the ball to throw, when they kick off strives for to break down the ball. If absolutely not under again uses to violate a regulation the tactic to let on them the basketball. '”
Reviews Mai a time 35 second 13 point, in the company four three-pointers, including one to hit four point success. The wheat peduncle has completed the task which is impossible to complete, mysterious Mai Di the time is born in light of this.
Although present's Mai Di has encountered the very big problem, but hoped that the fans that will support his him are always as before that rocket 1 wish the wheat peduncle soon to retrieve that mysterious!

My idol -Vince Carter

[individual synopsis]

Vince Carter in 1998 the competition first run fifth cis-position by Toronto fierce Long Tiao, professional profession until now potency excessively fierce dragon and New Jersey own basket two NBA teams. Carter will bounce, the explosive force to be greatly strengthened astonishingly, may be called NBA history best buckle one, “the Canadian flier” will simultaneously have the splendid breakthrough, the projection and secondary attack ability. The defense is restricts Carter a big barrier which makes great strides forward to the giant star palace, sealing and snatches breaks the data also to calculate qualified, but footsteps migration insufficiently fast, judgment ability also has is short, great general's talent.

[quality synthetic evaluation]

Makes a debut when is “fills the basket” pronoun, 02 years later changes “wounded and sick”, but still had the very high box-office value, the consecutive number year takes the entire star ticket king, but wounded and sick fiercely in tiger, its style of playing also gradually changes the ground construction from the work high above the ground, caused the delivery capabilities to enhance largely in recent years directly. In the competition the general situation view is good, the field of vision is open, does not stick the ball, is also in the alliance one of details wind minute skilled people. On the season initially leaves Canada's world of ice and snow to arrive at bloomy spring New Jersey, splits out the professional profession second spring, collaborates by the field even 27.5 point standards and J-KID to strive to turn the tide, leads to take in regular season final 19 15, casts aside CLE to enter the playoff.   


Once belonged to at the same time the brains and the body wild fills the basket madman, is young, once steals, may see immediately the audience collective stands up. In the competition most likes performing IN UR FACE, in innumerable inside connection such as ZO, wooden minced meat and gravy-filled steamed dumplings, Ratliff, BEN et al. in the memoirs might find about its content, caused the French 7 foot tall men to withdraw from the basketball world directly. Because wounded and sick, when 00 years the powerful and unconstrained style violence fills the basket to present the plain realification at present, but outwire delivery capabilities have reached the reach a high degree of proficiency situation, last year achieved 42.5% in the own basket 3P hit probability, once the single-node 10 threw in 9 (completely was pitching, including 5 three points) the wind entered 24 points. Breakthrough ability is also excellent, usually by first step quickly was well-known, at the present trains hard 360 degrees on baskets, is miserable beyond description the enemy troop inside connection defense. Made violates a regulation ability rank already the human body to make by young time promotes makes for the technology. Passes a ball has been one of strong points, can see clearly outside frequently the center line ambush's teammate, seizes an opportunity to deliver the ball, after arriving NJ, is deep the passing a ball master of great learning and integrity to direct, secondary attack number obvious promotion.   


Although suffered MJ to ridicule long ago, but its defense has not missed to the situation which does not pass an examination, occasionally has the splendid hot pot cap appearance, steals the number also in the normal range. But if giant star who wants to become the full scale development, defensive ability insufficiently outstanding becomes restricts an its big bottleneck, has not been able to enter the best defensive lineup throughout is also its profession one big “the stain”.

Vince Carter sports attire: 15

nickname: Canadian fliers, half-and-a-half people of gods (Half Man, Half Amazing), UFO (not famous flier), Vinsanity,

Invinceable position: Point guard/young vanguard

height: 1.98 meter/6 foot 6 body

weight: 220 pound /99.8 kilogram

vertical bounces: 43 inch /109.2cm

birthday: 1977-01-26

place of birth: Florida passes takes sand beach

the team: New Jersey own basket

competition: in 1998 1st round 5th (Jinzhou Warrior)

school: University of North Carolina

nationality: American

The rocket leads three team big transaction street star to deliver to the magic trades Luo river Switzerland Cook

Sohu sports news Beijing standard time on February 20 news, before 4:00 am transaction cut-off time, the rocket with the grizzly bears, the magic will complete a tripartite transaction, the rocket “the street star” Alston will deliver to Orlando, will trade magic big vanguard Bryan - Cook and grizzly bears guard Luo river Switzerland, the grizzly bears obtains the magic 2009-10 season first run competition power, simultaneously, for the balanced salary, the magic also added center Fu Ye and the Wicks achievement to deliver Memphis .

Kevin - Luo river Switzerland is 24 rising stars similarly, he is selected in 2006 by the grizzly bears team, this year is his third season, this season he entered the stage 49 competitions for the grizzly bears team, the field even 8.6 points and 3.6 secondary attacks, the hit probability is 41.2%, but three point hit probability has 24.6%. the Luo river auspicious height six feet, are familiar with us, and is called the small black soybeans the Brooks height to be the same, but is different with Brooks, his body weight has 175 pounds (the Brooks 160 pounds), belongs to that kind of defense to be hale and hearty, the bodily intensity will not suffer a loss obviously player.